Agong, YDPA, Save our King

There are many ways to tell the truth. The art of good communication is reflected whenever someone tells the truth, non-exaggerated facts, and a consistent narrative without the intention to manipulate. 

In a racially diverse nation, it is important to share a common intention to preserve harmony and respecting the law together with each governing body. Through democracy the people reserve every right to choose their government and there cannot be true democracy unless the rakyat’s voice is being heard.

Unfortunately, we continue to have mouthpieces that will bark for their masters like bitches whenever in heat. It only seems appropriate to reference these scoundrels to the canine family for a common trait when it comes to obedience. The obvious folly here however, while performing their ‘duty to the master’ they have broken the highest form of law in this country – our Constitution. 

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong is the Head of State and to admonish him publicly is nothing short of treachery if not treason! Our Royal Institution is a symbol of a sovereignty with the powers vested by the Constitution to safeguard the rights of every citizen. In a chess game, no matter how powerful the prime minister (Queen) may have command over the board, it ends when the King is left unguarded. Every Malaysian bears the responsibility to defend our YDPA against any threat from within and outside of this country, for our way of life, our culture and our unity is at stake when the Head of our nation is trampled upon. 

We have experienced a few Constitutional crises in the past but our common intention to coexist in this country led to a mature and democratic approach to address it and till today we have been blessed with peace and stability. Until the Devil’s Advocate emerges to manifest a malicious agenda.

Few years ago, A. Kadir Jasin through his blog crafted a malicious claim against Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, the 15th YDPA at that time to have lived lavishly at the expense of the people. The police opened an investigation under sedition and defamation together with Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 for improper use of network facilities or network service. At the time he was the spokesman for the Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) and a Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia supreme council member. The Prime Minister Tun Mahathir was from the same political party.

In medieval times trusted messengers would act on the behalf of rulers and masters during a time where travel could be difficult, dangerous, costly and time consuming. Whereas the first recorded form of communication took place in the year 1800 BC when Chinese soldiers leveraged smoke signals to warn their comrades 500 miles away from the Great Wall of China. At that time, secret messages were usually sent via Pigeons.

Every messenger is accountable to the message delivered and in sometimes the recipient would punish them for it! 

Today’s world has blurred the line of responsibility due to the accessibility of mediums for communication. Governments have taken hands on regulating overreaching rights against any abuse of another person’s right. The argument remains to be debated under the header of freedom till today.

The crime committed by Kadir Jasin was however clearly against the YDPA for revealing a state secret with no intention to tell half the truth, in an exaggerated breakdown of facts, and with a consistent narrative to manipulate the public. If PPBM’s party constitution was to protect Malay and Bumiputera rights, why did they fail to fulfill the basic obligation against their Malay Ruler?

Homing pigeons only lead a life under their masters without the brain to understand the message they deliver. Although ignorance is never a defense against a crime especially if it is treason.

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